Alongside our freely-distributed web issues, Axolotl also publishes a yearly print volume. Comprised of our favorite pieces and exclusive, print-only content, our print volumes are beautifully typeset in-house and printed on quality, natural-tone paper by Michigan’s McNaughton & Gunn. We like to think the design takes as many risks as our authors and executes with just as much aplomb.

Buying a print volume is a great way to support our mission, and in return you’ll receive a gorgeous, worthy addition to your bookshelf.


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softcover // 162pp. // 6×9″ trim

Our inaugural print volume. Four (4) languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Nahuatl. Fourteen (14) poems, nine (9) pieces of prose, and a one-act play. Exclusive to this print volume are four (4) Songs of Mexico, translated from the Nahuatl by David Bowles.

Cover artwork, Morning Star, by John Clowder.