Axolotl seeks previously unpublished translations and original works of fiction, drama, poetry, and art—in both English and Spanish—in and about and around the genres of magical realism and slipstream. We want pieces that infinitely absorb us like black holes. We want words and lines, images and ideas that wash up on our shores with a squatter’s confidence, determined to stay. We want pieces that seep into our pores and turn our sweat into precious stones. We want to cringe, to laugh, to question our place in the universe.

We publish web issues periodically throughout the academic year, with a print issue in the summer months following the end of the submission period.

To submit to Axolotl, please use our submission manager. We will not read email submissions.

Axolotl will be open for submissions from 5 September 2016 (12:00am ET) until 31 May 2017 (11:59pm ET).

Full submission guidelines are available below. Also consider viewing our listing on Duotrope for an interview with us, the editors.


Due to a large volume of submissions, we are currently closed to all Tip-Jar submissions. IF YOU CHOOSE TO DONATE, WE ARE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL, BUT WE CANNOT AT THIS TIME ACCOMMODATE THE DEMAND. 

We are a small operation, and almost all of our expenses for publication (website design and maintenance, hosting on Submittable, print costs for the end-of-year anthology, etc.) are paid out-of-pocket. Rather than charge a submission fee, we’re giving potential contributors/venture capitalists/mysterious and sexy, masked benefactors the option to donate a small amount that will help offset some of the aforementioned costs.

A donation of $4 ensures that your submission will immediately be moved to the front of the reading queue, and we can guarantee a response within two weeks (14 days) of your submission. Any submission in this category not accepted will also receive personal feedback from our editors.

Please note that tip-jar submissions are basically just donations to help keep this publication running. Selecting the tip-jar option does not affect your chances of publication in any way. For more information on how to donate, click here.


Send us a single piece of prose up to 5,000 words or a single piece of dramatic writing. We also love flash, prose poetry and short-shorts. Send us up to three (3) pieces of flash at a time.

To give you a bit more guidance, the editors have a soft spot for setting and concept. If you have a story, play, or one-act that takes place entirely on the surface of a citrus fruit, send us that; or if you have something from the point of view of a corpse in the catacombs who is constantly complaining about her neighbors, we’d definitely read that. We’re looking for strange juxtaposition of setting and character and universes colliding that wouldn’t otherwise be in the same parsec. Also, we’re always down with false forms and experimental work, especially in shorter pieces.


Submit up to five (5) poems of any form, any length, so long as the total submission doesn’t exceed ten (10) pages in length.

Much the same way with fiction, we’re interested in poetry that strikes us as fundamentally strange and fundamentally poignant. Send us work that resonates in a way we wouldn’t expect. No limitations on form or subject matter. We like stuff with a narrative impulse but also really love stuff from the Language school and surrealism. Hit us up with whatever you think is weird but still packs a punch.


Submit evocative art: anything from neo-expressionist paintings to the surrealist photo essay. Submit 3-panel comics or full, sequential narratives. Yes to infographics, yes to other innovative forms. We’ll take a look at almost anything so long as it can be viewed on a screen. We will gladly accept your sculptures, but we can’t promise that we’ll return them. All artwork must be print-ready (at least 300dpi).


We fully believe that literature is a worldwide locus of ideas and culture, and as a bilingual publication, we would be remiss if we didn’t accept literary translation. We’ll take a look at translation from any language – not just translations from the Spanish. We’re eager to bring some international voices to a different audience, in any form, any genre. Since publication of translation is a little dicey, you will, of course, be expected to have already obtained translation rights and be able to provide a copy of the original text.


Sim Subs / Multiple Subs
Only submit in one genre at a time, please. Wait until you’ve heard a response before submitting again. We encourage simultaneous submissions (we’re writers, too), but please notify us immediately by withdrawing from our system if your piece is accepted for publication elsewhere. If we’ve invited you to submit again, please indicate that in your cover letter; we love to hear back from folks.

Response Time
We’re a small operation, but we will get your work turned around no later than two (2) months. If you haven’t received a response after three (3) months, please query the editors.

Axolotl requires standard First North American Serial Rights for both print and electronic publication. All rights revert back to the author upon publication.

As of right now, we do not offer monetary compensation, but we solemnly swear to start paying our authors before we ever start paying ourselves. Each artist and author that appears in a print issue will receive one complimentary contributor’s copy. No matter what, though, you will always have our undying support and love. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your work ends up in the hands of eager readers and gets noticed.

By submitting to Axolotl, you certify that all work is original and has not previously appeared in any publication, in any form (including personal blogs and other web outlets).